This division is responsible for the overall direction, leadership, and coordination of Water and Sewerage activities to ensure that the most efficient and effective services are provided within the policies established by the City of Shreveport and the Department of Water and Sewerage.


  • Acting as a liaison for departments and city administration
  • Handling personnel related matters
  • Maintaining the budget
  • Managing operations
  • Providing information to city leaders and citizens
  1. Brandon Snead

    Brandon Snead

    Deputy Director/Superintendent of Wastewater Treatment

  1. Don Hobdy

    Donald Hobdy

    Chief Customer Service Officer

  1. Annette Cash

    Annette Cash

    Finance Manager

  1. Krista Madjerick

    Krista Madjerick

    Confidential Secretary

  1. Karena Thomas

    Karena Thomas

    Superintendent of Customer Service

  1. Kedrick Chism

    Kedrick Chism

    Superintendent of Field Operations

  1. Qiana Maple

    Qiana Maple-Lars

    Superintendent Water Purification

  1. Wes Wyche

    Wes Wyche

    Environmental Services Manager

  1. KeOsha Smith

    KeOsha Smith

    Project Management Assistant

  1. Tisha Edwards

    Tisha Edwards

    Accountant III

  1. Patrick Gray

    Patrick Gray

    Construction Manager

  1. Lyman McKellar

    Lyman McKellar

    Marketing and Communications Manager

  1. William Daniel

    William Daniel


  2. Administration

    Physical Address
    505 Travis Street
    Suite 320
    Shreveport, LA 71101



    Monday through Friday
    8 am to 5 pm


    Phone: 318-673-7600 for 24-hour water or sewer emergency service.

    We maintain a 24-hour call center seven days a week to assure that all water and sewerage emergencies are handled promptly. Any citizen having an emergency should call 318-673-7600 to report the problem.