Cross Lake

Cross Lake serves as the City's drinking water supply source, and also is a major recreational and aesthetic asset for the area. The city has two full-time Environmental Control Officers who are responsible for patrolling the lake and surrounding watershed to ensure that potential pollution threats to the lake are under control. They are based at the city's fish hatchery, and also oversee operations at the hatchery, which is funded jointly by the city and BassLife.

To report a matter concerning the lake or its tributaries or to obtain information on the lake or watershed, contact the watershed office at 318-673-7647 or email Bobby Johnson.

Cross Lake - The Citys Drinking Water Supply Source

Non-Native Weeds

One of the major challenges facing the lake at present is the rapid proliferation of non-native nuisance weeds such as giant Salvinia and hydrilla. The City has programs in place to manage these weeds, including the application of herbicides (rated for use in drinking water supplies) and biological controls (such as grass carp for hydrilla and weevils for giant Salvinia). In 2013, the City entered into a partnership with the LSU AgCenter on a project which utilizes the lake as a “living laboratory” to monitor the effectiveness of weevils in controlling giant salvinia.

Dock at Cross Lake