Field Operations

The mission of the Field Operations Division of the Department of Water and Sewerage is to maintain and repair the City's water and sewer infrastructure. Our infrastructure consists of 1,200 miles of sewer and force mains and 1,100 miles of water mains. Field Operations manages daily operations and maintenance of the City's water distribution pipes, gravity sewer pipes, valves, fire hydrants, customer water services, and meters. Additionally, our operations repair water leaks, investigate cave-ins and sinkholes, odor complaints, and assist other departments as needed with our unique abilities. Our 24-hour emergency response dispatch team responds to water distribution and sewerage collection system emergencies. The emergency dispatch office handles all emergency phone calls from citizens concerning problems with service. Field Operations teams responds to customer concerns regarding water pressure, water quality, and other miscellaneous water problems. Call us first-we'll investigate and provide guidance.

Field Operations Teams

The Field Operations Division consist of five teams to accomplish the needs of the City of Shreveport's water and sewerage infrastructure. These teams include the Resource and Inflow and Infiltration (I&I), Hydrants and Valves, Water Maintenance, Sewer Maintenance, and Central Supply and Warehouse.

Resource & I&I

The Resource and I&I team is responsible for preventative maintenance on the sewer system. This includes jet washing the mains to unclog debris blockages and performing video inspection to determine where sewer main breaks and failures have occurred. Also, this team is responsible for sanitary sewer overflow and environmental remediation.

Field Operations Maintenance Vehicle

Hydrants & Valves

The Fire Hydrant and Valve team is responsible for repairs or replacement of fire hydrants and valves. Additionally, this team performs fire hydrant flow test, inspection, and maintenance. Also, this team locates and marks water and sewer lines (utility locates), and manages our isolation valve exercise program.

Worker Next to Working HydrantDug Out HydrantWater Line Flags

Water Maintenance

The Water Maintenance team is responsible for concerns related to repairing, replacing, and maintaining the City's water infrastructure-including repairing and replacing water mains, replacing water service lines, landscaping, leak and system investigation, and recommending capital projects.

Dug Up Water Line

Sewer Maintenance

The Sewer Maintenance team is responsible for repairing and replacing gravity sewer lines, sewer force mains, manholes and covers, landscaping, and mowing rights-of-way and servitudes dedicated to the water and sewer infrastructure.

City of Shreveport Sewer Access LidOpen Manhole

Central Supply & Warehouse

The Central Supply and Warehouse team is responsible for stocking, warehousing, and issuing all materials and supplies to include dirt, fire hydrants, gravel, manhole rings and covers, pipe, sand, and valves. Central Supply also maintains and issues special motorized equipment that may be needed to accomplish a needed water or sewer main repair, deliver parts and materials to crews and contractors, maintain building and grounds for our facilities, and assign concrete/asphalt pavement repairs turned over by the water or sewer team after a repair is complete.

  1. Kedrick Chism

    Kedrick Chism

    Superintendent of Field Operations

  2. Field Operations

    Physical Address
    2139 Greenwood Road
    Shreveport, LA 71103



    Monday through Friday
    7 am to 4 pm


    Phone: 318-673-7600 for 24-hour water or sewer emergency service.

    We maintain a 24-hour call center seven days a week to assure that all water and sewerage emergencies are handled promptly. Any citizen having an emergency should call 318-673-7600 to report the problem.