How is my meter read?

To ensure that our customers are charged fairly, the Department of Water and Sewerage uses meters to measure water consumption. We routinely replace meters to ensure their accuracy. Your meter is read monthly by a trained meter reader who uses a handheld computer. The computer will reject any unusual reading that is out of normal usage pattern. This feature ensures that meters are read accurately. 

After the information on the handheld is entered into the mainframe computer, the meter reading is checked against narrower standards of your historical use (this is called a pre-bill audit). If the reading appears too high or too low, another meter reading will be taken before the bill is prepared. Even though we strive for perfection, on occasions a meter will be misread. If you ever have a question about your meter reading or your water bill, please call us at 318-673-5510. We will be happy to check it out for you.

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