How do I read my water meter?

First, you need to find your water meter. Generally, your water meter is located in the front of your property between the edge of the road pavement and your property line. It is housed in an in-ground meter box, which helps protect it from the elements. Carefully remove the lid by using a screwdriver or pliers. Visually examine the area around the meter to make sure there are no harmful insects or other animals. If you have a problem locating your meter, please call the Call Center at 318-673-5510 for assistance.

Second, your water meter has a set of dials, similar to the odometer of a car, that rotate as water passes through the meter, whether used or lost. With your back to the house, simply read the numbers from left to right to get a reading. Compare this reading to the "current" reading on the statement.

If your reading is not correct (high or low) on your current statement please call the Department of Water and Sewerage at 318-673-5510 as soon as possible to have your meter re-read.

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