What is Geosmin?

Geosmin is produced by several classes of microbes (including cyanobacteria, actinobacteria, and Streptomyces) and is released when these microbes die. Communities whose water supply depends on surface water like our city can periodically experience episodes of unpleasant tasting water when a sharp drop in the population of these bacteria releases geosmin into the local water supply. Under acidic conditions, geosmin decomposes into odorless substances.

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1. What is an alglal bloom?
2. Why does the City’s drinking water have a different taste and smell?
3. What is Geosmin?
4. How is Geosmin produced?
5. Is City water safe to drink?
6. What is the City of Shreveport doing in regard to this issue?
7. How long will the taste and odor last?
8. How can the taste and odor be reduced at the tap?