Who needs an industrial stormwater permit?

The State of Louisiana and the City of Shreveport now require certain industrial facilities that have Storm Water Associated With industrial activity to be covered by a permit.

The rules that define who needs a permit can be found at Title 33 Section 3241. B. 14. a-k. of the Louisiana Administrative Code.

The rules may appear somewhat complex and confusing; however, the list below is a simplified guide to assist you to determine if your facility needs a permit. The list uses "SIC" codes to determine if you may need a stormwater permit. If you do not know your facility's SIC code, the Standard Industrial Classification Index from the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration can help you. Or, just call us at 673-6583 we'll be glad to assist.

  • 1011 through 1499: Mining and mineral extraction
  • 2011 through 3999: Manufacturing
  • 4011 through 4581: Transportation
    • If the facility has vehicle maintenance shops, equipment cleaning operations, fueling, or airport de-icing operations.
  • 5015: Automobile junkyards
  • 5093: Metal scrap yards
  • 5171: Petroleum bulk stations

Additionally, the following types of facilities are required to have stormwater permits:

  • Hazardous waste treatment, storage, or disposal facilities.
  • Landfills, land application sites, and open dumps.
  • Steam electric power generating facilities, including coal handling sites.

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1. Who needs an industrial stormwater permit?